We’ve been life, business and everything partners since 2017.

We find joy in our couple-to-couple approach to wedding videography and capturing other big (or little) moments, too. We love the idea that together, we get to combine all of our favorite things: spending time together, connecting with new people, creating, pushing ourselves and finding success & joy at our own pace. We get to meet awesome people and be a part of so many “BEST DAY EVER” celebrations... How cool is that?

We capture the real moments, not the events.

It is said that your memories don’t come from traveling back in time. They come from the last time you remembered that memory. This is why, over time, memories change and fade. Which is why we love creating films that help you relive the moment down to every detail. Through audio and video, we get to preserve time. Create tangible memories. Think about it! The special moments that pass by in the blink of an eye will be there for you to relive again and again. First steps, kisses and dances. Last hugs, tears and laughs. It sounds cheesy, but you will cherish these moments forever.

Makers, Lovers, Laughers & Fun havers

About Us — Meet Julia + Tony

We provide you with high quality video content artistically edited together. In the end, our product outlives you and everyone you know. A family heirloom to pass on and on and on.


We show up for the technical stuff! We capture your celebration through sound and movement. All the build-up, emotion, joy and love.


We work with you through all the anticipation prior to your celebration. This is our time to get to know you, your personality and what is most important to you.


What We Do For You

Born and raised in Casselton, North Dakota (go Squirrels!), I’ve always had the natural urge to create. My parents would tell you that I spent my middle and high school years behind my computer until 5 a.m. What they didn’t know is that besides playing the Sims, I spent a lot of time learning how to edit videos.

I took this hobby with me to college when I started shooting weddings on the weekends for a local company. In 2016, I booked my first solo wedding and I haven’t turned back since.

I graduated with a B.S. in Advertising and a minor in Graphic Communications from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Straight out of school, I jumped into a graphic design position. I slowly felt myself being pulled by opportunity, passion and drive, so I took the leap to take my side hustle to the next level. In 2018, this became my full-time gig.

What do I love most about what I do? I get to challenge myself everyday and utilize both my right and left brain. I’m really good at reading the room, being in the right place at the right time and anticipating when something great is about to happen.

I can’t wait to continue this journey creating, collaborating and connecting!

Owner, Videographer, Editor, Client Relations

Julia Barnes

Tony grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and misses the trees, hills and suburb life. He will remind you that he was "born on the Equator" and wasn't meant to be in the cold.

He was recruited to assist me with a wedding in the fall of 2016, and he’s been my official wedding date ever since. He also has his B.S. in Advertising from Minnesota State University Moorhead and a minor in Entrepreneurship. His knowledge and drive for entrepreneurship helped Zeitlos Studios become a reality. Tony loves asking “the tough questions” and connecting with people over music, comic books and cars.

In addition to managing the business, he works full-time at H2M as an Account Strategist.

Videographer, Business Manager

Tony Barnes

timeless, ageless, classic

When choosing a new name, I knew that I wanted to incorporate the German language as it shaped who I am today.

In 2014, I, Julia, moved to Germany to work as an Au Pair. I planned to work for one year, but after four months, I realized that I needed to find a new path. I found a new host family and decided to dedicate the rest of my year to intensively studying the German language, integrating myself in the German culture and traveling/learning as much as I could. This year ended up changing my life.

Cue Zeitlos Studios.

As our business grew and evolved, we knew that we wanted the business to be more than just Julia. This is a collaborative effort with not only Julia & Tony, but with Julia, Tony, and everyone else that makes these stories come to life.

You might be thinking, “Hey, I’ve seen these two before.” And you might be right! Until 2020, we went by Julia Kathryn Design & Film.

Julia Kathryn Design & Film was founded in 2017. We were booking weddings and needed a name. I decided to use my name because I didn’t know how long this Tony guy would be hanging around.

Some Backstory

Julia & Tony get married in Joshua Tree, California


Zeitlos Studios is born

Spring 2021

Julia & Tony pass 50 weddings filmed

Fall 2020

Rebrand is in the works

Summer 2020

Julia quits full-time job to go full-time with JKDF

Fall 2018

Julia & Tony start dating

Spring 2017

Julia Kathryn Design & Film is born

winter 2016

Julia & Tony shoot first wedding together

Fall 2016

Julia & Tony meet at MSUM

Fall 2016

Julia shoots first wedding

Winter 2016

My hopes for Zeitlos Studios are to better serve our clients and elevate the experience by proudly standing behind a name and backstory that fuels my passion.

We eloped in joshua tree, ca on 12.3.21

We met in college and both have degrees in Advertising

The way to our hearts? Game Nights, grilling and Brewery Hopping

We call each other “Gingie" and "TT”

We love concerts! Together, we’ve seen:
Coldplay, Jon Bellion, Bleachers, Saint Motel, Bruno Mars and more!

Jordan Bresnahan, 2020 Bride

What really sold us on Julia and Tony is how personable they are. When we first met up for our engagement video shoot, we ended up staying later than planned because we couldn’t stop chatting about TV shows. We had probably more meetings than we needed to, because it was important to them to keep in touch in the time between engagement shoot and wedding. I can honestly say at the end of working with them that they’ve become friends of ours. This doesn’t always happen with wedding vendors, but we feel so lucky to be able to say that." 

Emily Leier, 2020 Bride

Julia and Tony not only captured our wedding, but also the love both my husband and I express to each other every other day, too. They made sure to not just focus on the customary details one would typically expect to see in this kind of a film, but also the smaller segments that made an even bigger impact looking back on everything.. they tag team the moments that matter in the most beautiful way. We can't thank them enough. Highly recommend to anyone considering capturing their day through movement. They are THE BEST.

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